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                               September 2020                                  

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         As this horoscope was cast the moon was at the Last Quarter           

                 Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22) - Ruled by Mercury                    
        A difficult  subject   will  create  new problems   for you.           
        Heartfelt emotions are  in evidence.  Scorpio  wants to know           
        what is on your  mind.  Take the  day off and  relax, you've           
        earned it.   The boss may  have his  eye on you,  so do your           
        best to impress.  The number 4 will pay off for you.  You'll           
        receive and usual gift of clothing or jewelry.                         

                  Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) - Ruled by Venus                     
        A surprising     grade   gives   you  the  boost   you need.           
        Communications are received in the form of calls and letters           
        related to upcoming  holidays.   Consult with  Taurus in the           
        evening.   It's a good  time for  communication,   love, and           
        expressing  your personality.    Play the  number  6 to win.           
        Tingles of attraction  that you feel for  a difficult member           
        of the opposite sex can alarm  you.  You will wake up on the           
        wrong side of the bed today.                                           

                 Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) - Ruled by Pluto                    
        A former business associate  may ask you  a rather difficult           
        favor.  A relative may seem somewhat  critical of your study           
        habits.  It's time to bear a strong shoulder for a loved one           
        to cry on.  Kindred  spirits would  like to hear  more about           
        your recent  activities.    Taurus  and  Sagittarius  figure           
        prominently in the day's activities.   The number 5 will pay           
        off for you.  Today is a good  day to set your mind straight           
        and finishing a recreational  project you  have been working           

              Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) - Ruled by Jupiter                 
        Pisces and Aries prove to be helpful  on a project.  Spend a           
        little time alone with a loved  one, they may have some good           
        news for you.   Take  a chance  on the number  1.   Teachers           
        aren't in your  favor.  The social  side of your  job can be           
        served well.   You need  to make a fresh  start.   You'll be           
        sensative to family needs.                                             

                Capricorn (Dec 23 - Jan 19) - Ruled by Saturn                  
        A heated argument with family  members could come to a boil.           
        Sagittarius and  Leo have key  roles in your  life.  Spend a           
        little time alone with a loved  one, they may have some good           
        news for  you.   There is  enlightenment   in your  studies.           
        Today should  prove to be  a great day  for you.   Watch out           
        what you are given to  eat and drink in  an unfamiliar place           
        this evening.   Your hot number  combinations  are: 1, 2, 4,           
        and 8.                                                                 

                Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) - Ruled by Uranus                   
        Give yourself some time  to figure out what  you really want           
        to do.  Play the number 3 to win.   Rumors about a loved one           
        may cause undo concern.   Sagittarius and  Pisces come front           
        and center to help.   Trust your instincts  in your dealings           
        with money today,  they'll pay  off!  You will  find that an           
        elder has the  answers to  questions  you may have.   You'll           
        finish an on-going project on this fine working day.                   

                 Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20) - Ruled by Neptune                   
        A love affair heats up, but could bring more responsibility.           
        Aquarius  and Taurus  have  key  roles in  your  life.  Push           
        career interests for  all they are worth.   Put your talents           
        to work for you.  The  number 1 is a winner.   The telephone           
        should be an important tool for your daily activities.  What           
        begins  as a mild  flirtation   could  be  transformed  into           
        something significant.                                                 

                   Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19) - Ruled by Mars                     
        A bad grade on a test  is signified by Mercury  in the house           
        of Gemini.   A love affair  heats up,  but could  bring more           
        responsibility.  Check your plans  out with Virgo and Libra.           
        Consolidate all your recent gains.  Hard work will bring you           
        more  rewards   than  taking   any  chances   at this  time.           
        Something that has been lost for quite sometime will turn up           
        in the most obvious  of places.   The number  3 will pay off           
        for you.                                                               

                  Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) - Ruled by Venus                    
        Check your plans out with Gemini  and Aries.  Don't make any           
        hasty decisions concerning money  matters.  Making plans for           
        your future is signified by Mercury.   Set aside a night for           
        you and  a special  person.    The  familiar  and  usual are           
        accented.  Today  should  prove to be  a great day  for you.           
        Watch the numbers 10 and 18.                                           

                 Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20) - Ruled by Mercury                   
        Contracts  can be overhauled,   if that's  what you  desire.           
        Feeling worthless is not a good way to spend the day.  Libra           
        and another Gemini have key roles.  Resist the temptation of           
        putting your stronger opinion  on the line with a loved one.           
        Take care of your health.  The number 7 will pay off for you           
        today.  The  one you may  have eye's  for does not  know you           

                Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22) - Ruled by The Moon                   
        Annoying situations can be corrected.  Avoid saying too much           
        during a discussion with a loved  one or you may end up with           
        your foot in your mouth.   It may be a good  time to veg-out           
        in front of the  TV tonight.   Refuse to be budged  from any           
        perch you have been occupying lately, philosophically.  Take           
        a chance on the number  12.  Taurus and  another Cancer have           
        key roles.    The  money  picture  is  not  as bleak   as it           
        originally appeared.                                                   

                  Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) - Ruled by The Sun                     
        A difficult  subject will  create new  problems  for you.  A           
        relative will make an  intelligent concession.   After a bad           
        day, seek the comfort of a loved  one.  Another Leo will see           
        both  sides  of  the  picture.    Count   on  the  number 6.           
        Entertainments and parties will go well this evening.  Venus           
        appearing   in  Libra  tells   of caution   to  be  taken in