Wildcat! Internet Network Server :   Version 8.0 build 454.10
  Location :   Cairns, Australia
  SysOp / SysAd :   Terry Roati
  Online Time :   24 Hours Daily
  Nodes 1 - 16 :   Telnet, FTP, NNTP, POP3 and HTTP
  Secure BBS WEB Browser LogIn :   https://tfb-bbs.org
  BBS Telnet LogIn :   tfb-bbs.org
  BBS FTP LogIn :   tfb-bbs.org
  BBS NNTP LogIn :   tfb-bbs.org
  SysOp Internet E-Mail :   sysop@tfb-bbs.org
  Fidonet Node Address :   3:640/1321 (NC for Northern Australia)
  WINSnet Node Address :   9:467/1 (Hub for WINSnet)
  FSXnet Node Address :   21:5/101

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