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The File Bank BBS!

The File Bank BBS! Features

  Nodes 1 - 16 :   Telnet, FTP, NNTP, POP3 and HTTP
  BBS Telnet LogIn :   tfb-bbs.org
  BBS FTP LogIn :   tfb-bbs.org
  BBS NNTP LogIn :   tfb-bbs.org
  Secure BBS WEB Browser LogIn :   https://tfb-bbs.org
  SysOp Internet E-Mail :   sysop@tfb-bbs.org


The File Bank BBS!, commonly known as "TFB" carries message conferences from most message networks such as Fidonet, WINSnet and FSXnet. We also hub for many of these networks.

QWK based messaging

If you don't have alot of time to read messages while online? Then we have your solution, QWK based messaging. QWK has been around for ever, but the internet makes it more exciting because now you have access to TONS more networks and conferences. Download a QWK packet based on the conferences you wish to read, and you can read & reply at YOUR conveinence.

Internet E-Mail

Internet E-mail has GOT to be the best thing since sliced bread. You can download E-Mail you receive at TFB right to your PC using popular clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail or any other pop3 compatible email client.

Your FREE Internet E-Mail Address here is : aliasname@tfb-bbs.org


Netmail is used to send private messages to users on the various networks. Please note that sysops on systems that the netmail can read these message so they are not completely private. Netmail is sent by the two following ways.

  • DIRECT - Mailer to Mailer call. Provides ultimate security where no one can intercept transmissions!
  • ROUTED - Alternative to Direct, where messages piggyback from one system in the Fidonet chain of command, (generally, node, Net, Region, Zone Coordinator, etc.) to another.
  • ONLY ROUTED Netmail can be used now due to the number of methods being used to send transmissions!

E-mail Listserve

A listserve is sort of like a public message conference. When you post a message, everyone can read it. With a listserve when you send a message it gets sent to each subscriber's mailbox.

There are also Mailing Lists where any new information is sent to you by email, such as New Files or Echo Mail Traffic Report.

UseNet NewsGroups

TFB carries serveral popular general interest newsgroups. All newsgroups are updated daily and scanned for "spam". Try the newsgroups "Offline" using the QWK based technology or via NNTP using Outlook Express, Agent, Netscape News reader or any NNTP News client. I use "NewsTap" on my Iphone (recomended).

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