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Wildcat! 8 for Windows combines the easy-to-use interface of the World Wide Web with the power and functionality of the world’s most popular BBS software. The result is an exciting solution that provides you with the tools to create anything from a basic information system to a powerful online service.

Wildcat! 8 is more than just a Web server.

Across the left side of the main system page are the Wildcat! client icons. These same icons are located at the top of your Wildcat! Navigator Connection Manager for easy access when you are not looking at the main system page. The clients allow you to perform very specific activity while connected to the system:

  • Message Conference Client Wildcat!'s message conferences are similar to forums found on the larger online services like CompuServe. Each conference can have its own message base, files, bulletins, questionnaires, display screens and menus.

  • File Management Client You can make documents, spreadsheets, databases and other files available through Wildcat's file management system. Searching and retrieving are as easy as pointing and clicking on an icon.

  • Teleconference/Chat Client Wildcat!'s real-time teleconferences provide an exciting way for your members to interact one-on-one or in groups. Moderated chats give your members an organized forum for group discussions or question and answer sessions.

  • Who's Online Client The Who Client gives you a listing of all individuals connected in real-time, and also lets you invite others to Chat or send them an Instant Message. Just right-click on a name for access to these features

  • Personal Properties Client An individual presentation of your personal information as stored on the system. The personal Properties Client lets you view your statistics and set some options such as whether you are available for Chat and Instant Messages.

  • World Wide Web Interface The key to Wildcat!'s ease of navigation is its use of hypertext markup language( HTML). This is the same language used to create thousands of pages on the World Wide Web. Future versions of Wildcat! will include support for full-motion video and even Virtual Reality. By using the Wildcat! Navigator, your members will even be able to navigate the World Wide Web through your Wildcat! system.
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