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The File Bank BBS!

The File Bank BBS! Guidelines

The Guidelines of The File Bank BBS! are really quite simple at this Time, but are subject to change depending on the use or should I say the Abuse < Grin > of Callers.

(1) Enjoy your stay here as that's what I set The File Bank BBS! up for.

(2) Due to various considerations, uploading of files is NOT required on The File Bank BBS!, however if you have a file you think might be useful then Please upload it.

(3) Please read the Newsletter & Bulletins when they have been Updated. This is where important information or events will be Shown.

The File Bank BBS! is completely free to all of the general public. If you have any problems please, please leave me a comment because as the old saying goes, you can't learn from your mistakes if you don't know what you did wrong in the first place.

If there is anything else that you would like to see on The File Bank BBS! then please leave a [C]omment or E-Mail to the SysOp. The File Bank BBS! would like to serve you in a manner in which would make you return for more.

Board Etiquette of The File Bank BBS!

  • Profanity in messages areas or descriptions is expressly prohibited.
  • Treat other board users with dignity and respect. There are no "Stupid" questions.
  • Read On-Line Help before requesting help from the Sysop.
  • Use of the board for illegal activities or to proliferate hate messages or computer viruses will not be tolerated.
  • When communicating through messages, Upper and Lowercase is to be standard. All Uppercase letters denotes SHOUTING!

The 12 Commandments of BBSing

  • Thou shalt Honor thy SysOp.
  • Thou shalt log on properly and in accordance with thy SysOp's wishes.
  • Thou shalt observeth BBS time limits.
  • Thou shalt not giveth any false information when applying for membership.
  • Thou shalt not upload "trojan" or "virus" programs.
  • Thou shalt not ask stupid questions that art already fully explained in bulletins & help files.
  • Thou shalt not post messages that are stupid, worthless, or have no meaning.
  • Thou shalt not POST IN ALL CAPS!
  • Thou shalt spell thy words correctly.
  • Thou shalt delete thine own mail.
  • Thou shalt keep thy foul language to thyself.
  • Thou shalt confine thy messages to those of friendship, requests for assistance, aid to the needy, advice, and advancement of thy hobby.

Copyright The File Bank BBS! 
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